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Elisabetta Bucciarelli: IO TI PERDONO

Kowalski/Colorado Noir · Milano, 2009 · 224 pp

Laughter and merry voices can be heard at the edge of an alpine woodland: chestnut pickers. A small dog wags it's tail happily next to little Arianna. She chases him through the maze of trees until she runs into outstretched arms. She disappears.

When contacted by a priest who has known her since childhood, inspector Maria Dolores Vergani returns to that tiny village in Val d'Aosta. He asks her to provide psychological support to the child's mother, but that had been her profession many years before.

An old legend, a plea for forgiveness, a sense of guilt that cannot find peace.

Meanwhile the remains of a woman are found in an abandoned industrial area of Milan and her colleague Pietro Corsari involves her, against her will, in an inquiry which takes them beyond the city walls to areas where the Milanese flock to satisfy inveterate desires.

The only person Maria Dolores can really trust at this difficult time is Achille Maria Funi and his help, which invariably goes beyond the boundaries of what is strictly his competence, this time proves to be unexpectedly insightful and perceptive.

Torn between the tragedy of the missing child and the daily nastiness of her job, inspector Vergani finds herself also having to deal with love, the kind of love you cannot get away from but that you want to get away from at all costs.

And never as much as now has Maria Dolores had to delve into her past in a journey that will, possibly, loosen the safety distance between herself and the people in her life.

Elisabetta Bucciarelli is the author of crime stories that are as dark as they are sophisticated. - Il Sole 24 Ore

Elisabetta Bucciarelli is not only a young talent, not anymore - she's already a strong, established voice in Italian noir literary scene. - Carlo Oliva

Link: Booktrailer | YouTube

Elisabetta Bucciarelli lives and works in Milan. Her published works include non-fiction and screenplays such as Amati Matti which received a special mention at the 53rd Cinema Biennial in Venice.

She works for a variety of newspapers writing articles on philosophy, the arts and manias. She presents Giallo Fuoco on Booksweb TV.

Elisabetta Bucciarelli has written a number of novels and short stories, and literary critics started to take notice of her with Happy Hourand Dalla parte del torto.

Her short story II paradosso dell'arciere was published in the anthologyUccidere per sport published by Todaro Edizioni, Tela di ragno by Gialli Mondadori and Primo pelo in the anthology Aile signore piace il nero by Sperling&Kupfer.

Link: Website Elisabetta Bucciarelli